Trail Running Expo

A Trail & Running Expo takes places this Saturday 29th of September at the Riverside Hotel in Sligo.

Altra Running – Talk to the Pro’s

The Altra Team are setting up with their best and baddest Trail Running Shoes.

Treadmills are on hand, so for all you Trail Runners, and soon to be Trail Runners, this is a rare “try before you buy” opportunity. With shoes for every surface, this is an awesome opportunity to get yourself into the right trail shoe for you.

All trail shoes are coming with hefty on the day discounts.


This is a once in a year, brilliant and affordable way to choose trail shoes suited to your runs!

State of the Art Running Analysis – Firefly

Beat injuries, improve your performance & get detailed feedback on your running efficiency.

RunPro3D use infrared cameras to track positions of small reflective markers on your body, allowing precise measurement of joint angles to provide detailed insight of your running gait.

The results are compared to a database of uninjured controls to quantify an individual’s injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, and recommend appropriate footwear.

This is some top level stuff and comes highly recommended for elite and casual athletes alike!



RunPod will be present with treadmills and gait analysis to answer questions and  support all taking part on the day. If you are looking for info about getting involved with the booming trail running scene in Sligo, make sure to give us a shout!


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