The Run Club

The RunPod Run Club

You may (or may not) have seen or heard about the RunPod Run Club.

What is it? How much? Can I join?

It’s not so much a club as it is a community. We offer a timetable every week of running classes, foam rolling sessions, Pilates, trail runs and more. Keep an eye on social media for our weekly updates. If you are a customer of RunPod you can access these at any time. Free of charge. Yep, you heard us — it’s freeeeeee!

I’m not a customer but I would really like to get running!

If you are not a customer and wish to get running, we work closely with local running clubs to bring a comprehensive running service. We make couch-5k, 5-10k, half-marathon and full marathon running classes easily accessible. There 5 different coaches and 15+ sessions a week for you to join. The cost is €40 for six weeks of training.

How competitive is the club?

Well, we are a social bunch of runners. Don’t get us wrong, we will work hard and always strive to improve ourselves but we don’t take it too seriously! just join us on one of our infamous Pub Runs and you’ll see how light-hearted running can be! That being said, the members of the running groups have ran everything from 5k races to ultra-marathons!

Ok, that’s it, I’m in, you sold me on “self improvement” and “pub run”. How do I join?

Great stuff, we are looking forward to seeing you! Check out our Facebook page via the link below and have a look at this week’s timetable. Alternatively, message us on Facebook or give us a call on 071-919-9619.


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