Getting Fitted

Getting the correct fit is everything. Whether running OR walking. We know what shoes fit tight and which ones fit loose. Some stretch and some don’t. We know that feet swell, blisters suck, and losing toe nails sucks even more.

We measure to your foot size, your bigger foot that is. (That’s right, the chances are one foot is bigger than the other!)

It doesn’t matter whether your foot is narrow, normal or wide, we have the perfect fit for you.


Once you are measured and fitted we might go through our running assessment. Our running assessment is unlike other running shoe stores. Our process is driven by current literature as well as our own experience & knowledge.

Consider us matchmakers, and when it comes to running shoes, nobody knows them better than us. Once we have your measurements and get to know you, we can match you with your perfect running shoes. It’s likely there will be more than one, so you will always get the final decision.