New Balance 1080 – Reviewed

New Balance recently released their updated 1080 v9 and it is already looking like a contender for shoe of the year. Apart from it’s stunning looks, this shoe has undergone some key changes in the update

The 1080 v9 everyone.... Beautiful

Cushioning & Ride.

The new 1080 is softer. It still features it’s full length fresh foam midsole, but it feels softer than previous versions. The foam feels less dense and it’s actually contoured in a very unique way. It has a convex flare on the inside of the shoe and a concave one on the outside.

Convex vs Concave.... Nice

The combination of the fresh foam and these contours give the shoe a very soft but very stable feel. It rides very smoothly and easily from first contact to toe off. Very comfy to go slow and responds well when deciding to up the pace.

OoooOOOO Snazzy

Weight & Fit

It has a couple of fit updates. The stitched overlays are gone. It is now a fully mesh upper which actually holds the midfoot really well without any hotspots.
The heel counter has been changed. We’ve read a couple of reviews online that remarked on this catching people out. For us, once the foot was laced in properly this just wasn’t a thing. It was the opposite. It fitted perfectly over the rearfoot and didn’t budge. 10/10

Feels Light - Fit Perfect

Lastly the weight of the shoe. It’s lighter, much lighter, and you can really feel it.

All in all this is a softer, better fitting and lighter shoe for New Balance and we expect it to be one of our bestsellers in 2019.


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