The RunPod Analysis


Let’s talk

Probably the most important part of the gait analysis is listening to you.

From training goals, mileage per week, past issues, running shoe history and what you want to feel from your shoe. We listen and take all this in. Mentally we are working our way through our stock to start the footwear selection process.

We also makes notes on things to watch out for when conducting our high performance gait analysis.


Let’s analyse

This is the easy part. We fit you into an appropriate shoe for our gait analysis. This is an accessory, a tool to help us see parts of the gait cycle which happen in the blink of an eye.

In less than a quarter of a second our camera will have taken over 50 high definition images of your foot as it hits the ground and then toes off.

Gait Analysis is getting a lot of stick these days, but when it’s done by professionals it makes the difference. Paying attention to an individuals biomechanics can help to clearly identify issues previously discussed!


Let’s choose

Our gait analysis can change and sometimes even dictate our footwear selection process.


Footwear companies spend a lot of money on design and research. The end result is an array of very different products with different geometry and different design.

Your running style can close or open doors to different products.

There may well be products out there for you which are lighter, have better cushioning placement or contain other characteristics beneficial to your running style.

There is only one way to find out!


What to Expect


The analysis itself takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. We will look at things like foot-strike, loading response, foot posture, ground clearance, toe off and more.

This is a service like no other. We are here to assess, advise & fit. We are pretty proud of it!

However, if we think you have an injury that warrants attention, expect to be referred to the relevant medical professional. We are always happy to send the analysis with you.

Thanks for your interest in RunPod, we hope to see you in store soon.