Altra Running – Who are They?

Altra Running: Embrace the Space

Fun fact about Altra: They have the highest brand loyalty when it comes to running shoes in the world. That means, once you go Altra, you rarely go back.

Here at RunPod our love extends to all running shoes, not just Altra. But… We really do love Altra.

What makes them different?

All Altra footwear comes with a 0mm offset and a foot-shaped design: that signature wide toe box. This is what gives the Altra footwear that unique feel.

What to expect?

At first, it feels like you are swaying backwards in your shoes. That’s the 0 drop. You are no longer standing on a wedge. Some unknown % of your bodyweight has been shifted off your forefoot onto your heels.
The second thing you might notice is the difference at your toes and forefoot. They are moving. They feel almost “insecure”. That’s the wide toe box. Your forefoot and toes have room to splay and it does feel strange, because most traditional footwear keeps the forefoot tightly compacted.

We have found that once we got used to these sensations, it was weirder going back to traditional footwear than it was going into Altra in the first place.

altra motive

Things to know before the switch

Whenever a person switches running shoes — especially when making a dramatic switch, like changing to Altra —  there is usually an adjustment period. With Altra, that adjustment phase is almost always longer.

Mostly, this has to do with the 0mm drop. The calves are being asked to do more work, and at a greater range of motion. Take it easy at first. Wear them around on a daily basis, and take them on shorter runs. Keep up the stretching and slowly watch as your calves get more flexible and bigger.

All in all, we love the feel and the concept of Altra. They’re a great brand and we highly recommend you try them on for size and see if they’re a good fit for you!


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